The Final (?) Countdown...

Here we are: October.  To me this will be a month to remember.  So many exciting things going on: Noah's birthday, Mandy's birthday, and our 2nd boy's birth (could be any day now). One other milestone I hope to achieve is finishing my book. 77,000 words in and feeling fine. Again I've been able to draw together two big chunks of the plot, putting my protagonist somewhere in the 2040's. I feel so attached to him and his colleagues that I truly WANT to write them through to the end. Any doubts about this book not fitting in with the readers out there is now hogwash in my opinion, so I will press on.
I've been pushing to write and work out every day until the book's done, then comes the first of a few final edits before printing and the sendoff. Sure, it may be 3 months until I hear something back, but at least it will be off my mind. I've had to hold off on other book ideas just because I don't want to get distracted (I'm prone to procrastination anyway, but we'll cover that more...someday). Wish me luck folks...I wouldn't be writing this at all if I didn't think that some small facet of it would appeal to you. Cheers for now.