A Month Already...

     Yesterday Noah and I were having some boy time over at my Mom and Dad's house; he was playing Yoshi's Story on the N64 while Dad and I built a model rocket. It was great for bonding and we truly did have a fun time. I noted to Dad that it had already been a month to the day since Grandpa passed away. He said it's amazing how time keeps on ticking. Life goes on I guess.
     I still truly miss him. My heart aches a little more knowing I won't be able to tell him how Noah's first day of school goes, which is tomorrow. I'm sure he'll know somehow. My little boy is going off to school, and I'll be there to send him off. So glad I took the day off. I'll do all I can to make sure he is ready and excited for the big day, and then save the tears for when he's out of site. I love my little Noah. God Bless him and give him a great first day of school. That and I just noted Adam turns 10 months tomorrow too! Bonus!
     Book-wise I've been rejected by 4 or 5 literary agents now, and that's to be expected. Just have to keep bugging them until I get a bite. We'll see how this week goes. I've got plenty of support here; not giving up. Keep watching over us Grandpa; we love you and will make you proud. :)