75,000 and Beyond...

     It's a milestone to me; breaking 75 thousand words as I plunk away on my book.  It's provided such a good feeling because I seem to be making strides every week with this project.  Last week I was able to tie together two huge chunks of my story, basically allowing the protagonist to exit the 1940s and venture once again to the future and face any potential consequences.  Thanks to anyone out there who has been following along; even if you've never said anything.  I know people check out my ramblings once in a while, so yay!
     I've also been reading the book to my wife and son (who's in utero for about another month yet) and had some much appreciated editing done by them.  It reminds me of when I listened to Stephen King's autobiography, particularly the part about his wife reading his work before sending it out.  I really and truly appreciate the support they've given (Adam kicking about in approval) and have made corrections almost daily.  Maybe when all's said and done (and I get some free time in the future) I'll do my own version of an audio book of this.  Until then, away I write!

The Dream...

We all have dreams; some vague and some vivid.  Many think that messages spring from the dreams we have to point us in one direction or the other.  I still think that they are the culmination of the day's events thrown into a blender for our subconscious to consume.  But I think we all can agree on one or two dreams that truly shook us one way or another.  Here's the one I had early this morning (at least what I remember):

I was sitting in my parents' house, in one corner of their family room, watching some complete strangers huddled around a small TV.  They were dressed in older looking clothes, like what my parents had worn when they were younger.   I felt as though I had just landed or jumped onto my current position, like I was out of place here.  I didn't know any of the people, but one person started talking to me and we got on the topic of playing the game King's Quest and how she had been unable to install it.  I remember saying that perhaps one of the disks was corrupted and she said she had checked them herself for imperfections.
Next thing I know I'm in my old room in the loft bed my father had made and was trying to fall asleep.
A few moments later I was riding in a car down the highway in the pouring rain.  It was late because it was dark and I distinctly remember it being 6:00PM.  I could also hear the chorus of 'We Built this City' on the radio and then I realized something.  I believed I had jumped back in time to the 1980s.  I also became afraid of not being able to return home.  I was missing my wife and son and felt alone and heartbroken that I wasn't there with them.
The last thing I remember is being at the local mall and seeing an arcade with this odd Nintendo game being played; it was called 'Reminder'.  Then I woke up.  I had chills because I thought I would never awaken from such an odd occurrence.  It shook me because I really thought I was in another time.  If anything I feel more grateful and more alive knowing how awesome things are right now.  Just thought I'd share this with you!  What crazy dreams have you had?