A Writer's Group? Here!? In La Crosse? I'm in!

Hello all, or one, maybe. Depending on how many folks are interested in this. I've been on a Blogger hiatus for a while and for good reason. I have family to love and take care of, plus I'm still waiting on my potential future literary agency to get back to me on my book. Which brings me to a new development: I've joined a group.
It's the La Crosse Area Writer's Group; not some sort of self-help group, but they do help in a way. I found them via the site Meet Up, which will help find groups that share similar interests in your area. Even though over 100 writers have joined, only about 12 showed up on Thursday in a cramped room in the Gundersen Lutheran basement. It was hosted by two folks: Larry and Roshan. They kept the atmosphere alive and well as each volunteer read his/her work. I was nervous as all get-out when reading my piece, but it was enjoyed and I received some valuable feedback. I plan to go again in 2 weeks with more to read. Next Thursday, however, is set aside for another group I found that plays strategy board games at River City Hobbies. Joy! Until next time folks!

I Can't Believe I Haven't Been on Here-well, yeah...

So much to say!

1. My son's b-day was on October 4th and he had a blast! YMCA is good for parties, that's for sure. My wife celebrates her 28th b-day today and is getting her first tattoo! Wowee! And I've been told that I'll be getting one someday too. Going to go with the Sierra On-Line logo ;).
2. An agency, WordWise Media, is checking out my manuscript! It's a foot in the door, but they could still lop my foot off if they don't want to represent me. And here I hold my breath...*faint, collapse, wake up dazed a few moments later*. Well, I think I'll just keep waiting.
3. Noah started school end of August and has bloomed in so many ways. Still I wish they'd keep him for 5 days a week vs. 3. He's really taken off with it and loves it. I couldn't be a prouder parent.

That's all for now, but I have to discipline myself to keep writing...maybe I will get that first page done...

A Month Already...

     Yesterday Noah and I were having some boy time over at my Mom and Dad's house; he was playing Yoshi's Story on the N64 while Dad and I built a model rocket. It was great for bonding and we truly did have a fun time. I noted to Dad that it had already been a month to the day since Grandpa passed away. He said it's amazing how time keeps on ticking. Life goes on I guess.
     I still truly miss him. My heart aches a little more knowing I won't be able to tell him how Noah's first day of school goes, which is tomorrow. I'm sure he'll know somehow. My little boy is going off to school, and I'll be there to send him off. So glad I took the day off. I'll do all I can to make sure he is ready and excited for the big day, and then save the tears for when he's out of site. I love my little Noah. God Bless him and give him a great first day of school. That and I just noted Adam turns 10 months tomorrow too! Bonus!
     Book-wise I've been rejected by 4 or 5 literary agents now, and that's to be expected. Just have to keep bugging them until I get a bite. We'll see how this week goes. I've got plenty of support here; not giving up. Keep watching over us Grandpa; we love you and will make you proud. :)

Last Weekend a Baby Shower; this Weekend a Funeral...

    So the inevitable did occur. My grandfather passed away around 10:20 PM on Wednesday, his 3 kids and spouses around him. I am glad he has finally found real peace. I can't help but reflect on his life and how he impacted my own. My dad had tediously started piecing together home videos and debuted a DVD last night when I went back to visit. The memories seemed to flood back as we watched scene after scene. Still, seeing a younger and more energetic Grandpa was warming.
     Funeral is on Monday and I doubt I'll be ready for it. For the past 48 hours (nearly) I've been crying randomly (in private cause I'm too manly to let it really show) and pleading with God to let me hear his voice just once more. In the end, I know he is in no more pain, and God is taking good care of him. I won't ramble on, but let me say that for being the only Grandpa I ever knew, he made life worth living for. Rest easy Grandpa; I love you and know I'll see you again. I will never forget you.

I won't forget today...

So maybe I'm overreacting, but I just received a call from my father about my grandpa. He's been off dialysis since Friday and now he's nearly comatose. He's in anti-anxiety pills and oral morphine to ease the pain, but I know time is short. It's still registering in my brain, but I know this is going to hit and hit hard. He's the only grandfather I've ever known. If he is leaving this world soon I can at least take some solace in a couple things:

1. I got to tell him I'm dedicating my next book to him.
2. I got to tell him I love him.
I'm going to lose my grandpa soon, but it doesn't really mean goodbye. Just, 'I'll see you later'. God, please make him comfortable when he gets up there. And don't let him get too crazy up there; we all know he likes to joke. I love you grandpa; I'll never forget you.

Transitioning from 27 to 28...

It's easy to miss how much we should be grateful for when it' around us 24/7. As I watch my final day as a 27-year-old pass I can reflect on all that's happened. We've been blessed with another beautiful baby boy, Adam, who now presents considerable competition for our 3 year-old Noah. My wife and I will be celebrating 6 wonderful years of marriage together, and looking forward to many many more! I've been able to finish writing my 2nd book and gotten positive feedback from one fellow who just finished proofing it. I have two others in tow so I'm hoping for more good reviews, but I'll take the good and the bad. Hopefully soon I'll be in the market for a publisher. That's about all I have, so now I'm gonna go change a poopy diaper. Bye!

Keeping it Brief...

Just a quick note to the few readers out there. I have my book 'done' and two very awesome people are in the process I proofing it. They haven't fallen asleep yet so it must be halfway decent! Thank you guys for taking this on! You know who you are!

So Much to Say...

Yeah, I know. You're shaking your heads going 'I told ya so'! I said many a time that I would keep up with this blog, that I would be diligent in my work. Honestly, bigger priorities have come up in the past few months, and have taken me away from this task.
For one, my awesome son, Adam, was born back in October. Naturally, that took up a lot of free time I once had. The time I spend with him is wonderful. Sure, I still sit downstairs with the lad in my arms while I attempt to play video games. I may have that free time, but the only other change is that I'm much more exhausted that late at night. I actually find myself waking up mid-game after having dozed off. Pretty sure Mario was glaring at me once.
Still, I had one major accomplishment over the past week: I finished my book! Now I'm at the editing stage. As of a few minutes ago I have gotten through chapter 5 of 51. This is probably the most difficult part because I have to tie up any and all loose ends. This could be harder than writing the book itself!