Why I am Silly #2...

I realized when I picked up this blog again that I would be poking fun at myself once in a while, and this post will reinforce that.

One trait as husband and father I've acquired is, for lack of a better term, selective hearing. It's something that many dads/hubbys suffer from and it's okay: I'm hear for you. Get it? Hear?

Because puns, you know, make you wanna gnaw on your desktop computer after you've heard one too many...

Selective hearing can strike at any time, but is more prone to occur at home. With me, it usually happens when I'm focused on something. It's what my wife lovingly calls 'The Meyer Focus', because we've seen it happen to my father and brother respectively. I'll be doing something like playing video games or browsing on my phone and I get into this 'zone' of sorts and have filtered everything out around me.

My 'zone', but with me in the hammock staring at my phone.
At some point, I hear a voice, and I come out of my zone/funk/focus just in time to catch the latter half of whatever I was being asked. Here's my wife's favorite example (not exact):
Mandy: I'm glad you're here!
Me: You brought me three beers!?
I was lucky to have heard anything. Mandy jokes that I probably just hear the ocean sometimes when she or the kids are talking to me when in the zone. It's all in good fun though.
Have any of you suffered from selective hearing? :P


Stay Weird,
Stay Retro,
Stay Silly (and selective)!


Thanks to YouTube channel YogaYak for the background sounds. Go check them out for more Yoga-related goodness!

Midwest Gaming Classic, Ahoy!

This next weekend marks an important one, having been a life-long gamer, and that weekend will consist of the Midwest Gaming Classic! A weekend-long convention of all things gaming, focusing on mostly retro stuff (like the Commodore 64, Vectrex, and all the good ole Nintendo/Sega/Sony consoles).

Kids these days don't know how good it felt to ka-chunk on a keyboard and pop those 5.25" disks in the drives!

This event has been going on for over a decade, and seems to expand every year. This is a Mecca of sorts for gamers and gaming enthusiasts alike. No politics, fighting, or nay-saying here! Just a bunch of kindred spirits gathering for a mass waxing of nostalgia.

What goes on at ye convention, thou might inquire? Let me tell thee:

Vendors - plenty of shops and vendors selling retro game memorabilia, games, systems, and the like.
See? Elvis wishes he could go, but can only stare longingly at his bag o' money.

Presentations - Each year seems to be peppered with well-known speakers in the gaming industry. You'll see folks who worked on systems like the Atari 2600 (or older even) talking about the programming process and how they helped shape the video game industry. Definitely worth checking out.

Competitions - There are competitions for pinball games, arcade games and even console-based games. If you think you can top a high score, or even take down anyone at Mortal Kombat, you need to register for this.
Computer Museum - There are rooms dedicated to showcasing the well-known to the barely heard of computers and consoles from the past 30+ years. All of them work. I had my son playing on computers that were older than me, and it was just mind-boggling! Things like the Vectrex and so on are yours to try out.
There's still a couple days to register, so if you need to satisfy the nerdy-gamer craving that's been welling up like a bad case of the hives, then check it out now!


Stay weird,
Stay very retro!
Stay silly!


*Shout-out to YouTube account Guy Kazama for the music link above. Good ole Legend of Zelda!