The Final (?) Countdown...

Here we are: October.  To me this will be a month to remember.  So many exciting things going on: Noah's birthday, Mandy's birthday, and our 2nd boy's birth (could be any day now). One other milestone I hope to achieve is finishing my book. 77,000 words in and feeling fine. Again I've been able to draw together two big chunks of the plot, putting my protagonist somewhere in the 2040's. I feel so attached to him and his colleagues that I truly WANT to write them through to the end. Any doubts about this book not fitting in with the readers out there is now hogwash in my opinion, so I will press on.
I've been pushing to write and work out every day until the book's done, then comes the first of a few final edits before printing and the sendoff. Sure, it may be 3 months until I hear something back, but at least it will be off my mind. I've had to hold off on other book ideas just because I don't want to get distracted (I'm prone to procrastination anyway, but we'll cover that more...someday). Wish me luck folks...I wouldn't be writing this at all if I didn't think that some small facet of it would appeal to you. Cheers for now.


75,000 and Beyond...

     It's a milestone to me; breaking 75 thousand words as I plunk away on my book.  It's provided such a good feeling because I seem to be making strides every week with this project.  Last week I was able to tie together two huge chunks of my story, basically allowing the protagonist to exit the 1940s and venture once again to the future and face any potential consequences.  Thanks to anyone out there who has been following along; even if you've never said anything.  I know people check out my ramblings once in a while, so yay!
     I've also been reading the book to my wife and son (who's in utero for about another month yet) and had some much appreciated editing done by them.  It reminds me of when I listened to Stephen King's autobiography, particularly the part about his wife reading his work before sending it out.  I really and truly appreciate the support they've given (Adam kicking about in approval) and have made corrections almost daily.  Maybe when all's said and done (and I get some free time in the future) I'll do my own version of an audio book of this.  Until then, away I write!

The Dream...

We all have dreams; some vague and some vivid.  Many think that messages spring from the dreams we have to point us in one direction or the other.  I still think that they are the culmination of the day's events thrown into a blender for our subconscious to consume.  But I think we all can agree on one or two dreams that truly shook us one way or another.  Here's the one I had early this morning (at least what I remember):

I was sitting in my parents' house, in one corner of their family room, watching some complete strangers huddled around a small TV.  They were dressed in older looking clothes, like what my parents had worn when they were younger.   I felt as though I had just landed or jumped onto my current position, like I was out of place here.  I didn't know any of the people, but one person started talking to me and we got on the topic of playing the game King's Quest and how she had been unable to install it.  I remember saying that perhaps one of the disks was corrupted and she said she had checked them herself for imperfections.
Next thing I know I'm in my old room in the loft bed my father had made and was trying to fall asleep.
A few moments later I was riding in a car down the highway in the pouring rain.  It was late because it was dark and I distinctly remember it being 6:00PM.  I could also hear the chorus of 'We Built this City' on the radio and then I realized something.  I believed I had jumped back in time to the 1980s.  I also became afraid of not being able to return home.  I was missing my wife and son and felt alone and heartbroken that I wasn't there with them.
The last thing I remember is being at the local mall and seeing an arcade with this odd Nintendo game being played; it was called 'Reminder'.  Then I woke up.  I had chills because I thought I would never awaken from such an odd occurrence.  It shook me because I really thought I was in another time.  If anything I feel more grateful and more alive knowing how awesome things are right now.  Just thought I'd share this with you!  What crazy dreams have you had?

I Have to Write...

I'm getting closer and closer to my son's birth (due date is technically Halloween), and so I'm pushing myself to finish writing my book.  I have to admit that it's been tough to stay motivated because of all the preparation needed for baby #2.  Amidst that I tend to play a lot of video games to pass the time.  What I'm realizing more and more is that time is what I need to get my project finished.  I need that last hurrah to boost my confidence and finish it.  Here's hoping I can crank this out in the next month if I'm diligent.  Thanks to anyone and everyone for your support.  :)

Never Gonna Give You Up...

So the saying goes, I am not giving up on this book.  I think I'm both excited and afraid to continue writing.  Perhaps other wannabe writers experience this...maybe even real authors too.  I finished a chapter and also broke past 72,000 words.  I'm less than 8,000 away from being eligible to submit to the publisher I want to get in with.  I'm thinking in another chapter or two I'll finally be tying together two big chunks of my novel, which will be a big milestone in itself.
I'd like to share my positive outlook with you all in some small, weird way.  SO, click and enjoy...

Busy Everywhere but My Blog...

And my book.  I'll admit I've only written a few scant paragraphs over the recent weeks but it's been a busy time.  Not making excuses, but I think the weather is to blame.  We've been facing 90+ degree weather in Wisconsin (yes, Wisconsin.  It does get hot here I hate to admit) and trying to keep my family cool has been difficult.  Two window AC's and a box fan can only do so much in a stucco house.  If the nights are cooler I'll be more apt to write in my book!
House projects have also occupied my time and priorities.  We recently cleaned out my garage to the point where i have a usable work bench again!  That and our two cars don't feel as cramped in the 2 1/2 car garage (there really was THAT much stuff).  By the by, does anyone want a 1983 Kawasaki Spectre?  Message me if interested ;).  That's all for now.  If I plug away at my book a little each night I should be able to write my heroes out of the 1940s and into the future!

Writing Abroad...

Doesn't seem to work out well for me.  I was out training in Kansas City this week for work and figured I'd have time to write a little.  Nope!  At the end of every day it seemed I had a good deal of homework to get done.  By the time I finished it was usually close to 10 at night, and one's brain tends to burn out around that time.  Even now as I wait to hear my zone number at the airport gate I thought I'd crack open the book.  Turns out I don't even have the latest copy of my book on file!  I think my best bet is to recoup and dabble in it this weekend.  My top priority now is to get home to my family.  They keep me sane, and I need that in my life.  Can't wait to see you guys!

In Other News...

So another hiatus has come about, but I'm perfectly fine with it.  Sure, I did finish a chapter in my book last night, but before then I was taking a break.  Last week my wife and I found out some wonderful news:

We had our ultrasound last Tuesday and found out we're having another boy!  His name is Adam.  Our other boy, Noah, no longer says we are having a baby piggy or baby truck (when asked).  He's equally excited to have a little brother to take care of!
With that in mind, I do have to remind myself that along with getting the baby room ready I should finish my book.  I don't know if I'll have it ready and published by the end of October, but I have to try.  It's a weight I don't need hanging over my head.  Here's to finishing the book!

How Ironically Ironic...

So I've been meandering about this novel so long that finally I have a fire lit.  According to the publisher I want to go to, it could take up to three months for them to review and approve/deny the manuscript.  To keep up with my tradition of reading a published book to my unborn child, I'll have to get this done in the next few weeks!  Our second kid is 3-4 months along so by the time the book is ready (hopefully) we'll be around 6-7 months!  I think it's time to get my priorities straight and get this thing written.  Wish me luck, have me break a leg (haha, kinda happened once already), and pray for me.  I'll keep you posted.

As for the title to this post, it is ironic because I'm writing about time travel and I'm now wishing I had a time machine so I could go back a ways and leisurely finish this!  Oh well!


A Little Progress Here, A Little There...

Wrote a bit more this week, mostly because I was donating plasma.  Sure, it was interesting, but writing with one hand forced me to think about what I was typing.  I wrote a page or so, but even up to that point I had been able to connect a few big chunks of my story together, and that alone was pretty fulfilling.  I hope to write, and donate, again this week and make a little more progress.  I know I haven't lived up to writing a chapter a week, but I still have my motivation.
With my first book, 'Aer Infirma', I had it published about 6 months into our first pregnancy with our son Noah.  I was able to read to him while he was in the womb, and I felt that was a real bonding experience.  I want to do the same with my second child, now about 14 weeks along.
Another thing I have to do, as much as it pains me so, is cut back on playing video games.  Okay, you can stop laughing now.  Seriously.  I will unfriend you from Facebook...ANYWAY.  Games have provided entertainment and stress relief for a long time, but I think playing in moderation will help me get my work done.  I truly think that people will get a chuckle or two out of my book, but I really want to be able to read it to my 2nd kid (and the first when he's older).  Here's to staying motivated, I know my wife and son have been there for me all along!

P.S.  Here's the cool toy my son got from Grandma and Grandpa. Thought I'd share:

Writing on a Plane...

So things have still been a wee bit hectic in our household, what with our 10 week old pup and 2 year old son running around.  After a mere two weeks back in town, I've been whisked off to balmy (haha) Boulder, CO for training a client.  Thinking I'd be leaving the cool damp climate that Wisconsin is currently enjoying for warmer weather I foolishly packed only a spring jacket.  It's still winterish here (yes, winterish).  And that's not even the worst part.
The flight from Minneapolis to Denver was very bumpy due to oncoming weather hitting the Midwest, so my ride in the back of the plane, fun?  Went through a lot of turbulence as we circled the Denver area 3 times before finally being cleared to land.  For most of it I had whipped out my laptop and started writing again.
The writing part was good!  Picked up on the last chapter I had barely begun and tonight I hope to finish it!  What I love most is that I'll be tying together two sections of the book that for a long time had been separated by what I call a 'writer's gap'.  Basically it occurs from writing different parts of the story, then working your way back through to tie those parts together.  Needless to say this will be a big accomplishment for me.  Keep sending your positive thoughts (or not; no pressure) my way as I push through the next chunk of my book.

Stay Groovy! (I said it.  Don't judge).

P.S.  I brought Mario along (kind of playing off of that 'Traveling Gnome' guy).  He's been giving me pointers.

Did I Say a Chapter a Week? What I Meant Was...

     A chapter a week IF I was healthy.  Yes, that's it.  It's not that I don't want to write, but it's honestly hard to focus when so much keeps happening.  First off, I went to a work conference last week in Florida.  What's there to complain about, you say?  Not much (well, see my previous blog entry) other than some barotrauma from the flight there and back.  As of this evening I'm still suffering from an ear infection (Amoxicillin to the rescue)!
     My sister-in-law also just had her baby girl yesterday morning!  Elaine Grace Langston.  8 lbs something ounces (I forgot, maybe 2 or 6 oz).  Anywho, I'm super excited to have a niece finally!
     We also adopted an 8 week old puppy on Saturday named Daisy.  She's an American Staffordshire Terrier and she's definitely my girl.  Nothing cuter than having this little twelve pound pup curl up in your lap and snore away.  SO, with all this going on I plan to write again by this weekend, but I really want to overcome the ear infection first.  Then again, with the time/energy spent writing this entry I could have gotten a chunk of my book done.  Don't look too much into that.  Goodnight all!

A Stranger in My Room...

     So my weekend is being shaken up by a work conference we have bi-yearly (I think that's the correct term) down in Florida.  After having been delayed a couple hours in LSE, my coworker and I get to MSP and chill for a few hours before taking the 7PM flight to Tampa and arrive around 11.  Got to the hotel and checked in, took my keycard to my room, opened the door only to find it had been locked with the extra bolt.  I wasn't expecting that, since that particular bolt has to be tripped from INSIDE the room.  I thought perhaps I needed to wait an extra second for the door to read my card, in case it released that lock.  I tried two more times until someone tugged the door open!
     Standing before me was a man, maybe in his late 40s, who had obviously been woken by my attempts to enter MY room, staring half-shaken and half-dazed at me. I promptly apologized, thinking I may have actually had the wrong room and went back to the lobby and explained what happened.
Turns out the man I had scared half to death had a similar last name, and when reservations were being made he had accidentally gotten mine and my room.  The manager at the time apologized to me and him profusely as they reset his keycard and got me a new room.  He even offered to buy me dinner one night, which I felt was unnecessary, but it was a nice gesture.  I write this now as not being so funny, but it will probably mature overnight into a comical story that I'll mention to a few coworkers.  But you get to enjoy it now.  I wonder how the rest of this trip will go...
     Side note: Had some time on my second flight to write a good page and a half in my book.  I figure I have til the end of the weekend to get that next chapter done.  Wish me luck and goodnight.

When are we? Right now!


     I've decided recently that it would be much easier to maintain a blog vs an entire website while I write my book.  Perhaps when I'm all done with said book I'll have a little more time to play with web design and make it look like it's not stuck in the 90's.
     I'm 31 chapters into my book, "When are We?  A David Wilco Adventure", and getting to the heart of the plot.  On Facebook I recently stated that I would get a chapter a week done, and so far I've held up my part of the bargain.  I think when all is said and done I'll have around 50 chapters!
     One of the hardest things to do right now is stay focused.  It doesn't help that this weekend my son got sick and has coughed up a lung an a half.  My heart hurts every time I hear it.  Even still, I often get distracted by this thing called the 'Internet', and before I know it an hour's gone by and I'm still looking at blank Word doc after closing the browser.  It's like a quote I read earlier in the week: "For a writer, the Internet is more dangerous than whisky".  How true it is.  I don't even like whisky.  So I liken the Internet to Captain Morgan.  Stupid captain.
     Anyway, I think I'll wrap things up here by letting you know that I will get another chapter done this week.  My end goal is to have this book written, published, and in my hand to read to our 2nd child while in the womb.  It's a tradition I started when Noah was still on the way.  I read my first book, 'Aer Infirma' to him and he wasn't too critical of my writing.  An occasional kick or punch my way let me know he was still interested.  If anyone's interested in checking out what's on my old site:  Thanks all!