Transitioning from 27 to 28...

It's easy to miss how much we should be grateful for when it' around us 24/7. As I watch my final day as a 27-year-old pass I can reflect on all that's happened. We've been blessed with another beautiful baby boy, Adam, who now presents considerable competition for our 3 year-old Noah. My wife and I will be celebrating 6 wonderful years of marriage together, and looking forward to many many more! I've been able to finish writing my 2nd book and gotten positive feedback from one fellow who just finished proofing it. I have two others in tow so I'm hoping for more good reviews, but I'll take the good and the bad. Hopefully soon I'll be in the market for a publisher. That's about all I have, so now I'm gonna go change a poopy diaper. Bye!


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