Writing Abroad...

Doesn't seem to work out well for me.  I was out training in Kansas City this week for work and figured I'd have time to write a little.  Nope!  At the end of every day it seemed I had a good deal of homework to get done.  By the time I finished it was usually close to 10 at night, and one's brain tends to burn out around that time.  Even now as I wait to hear my zone number at the airport gate I thought I'd crack open the book.  Turns out I don't even have the latest copy of my book on file!  I think my best bet is to recoup and dabble in it this weekend.  My top priority now is to get home to my family.  They keep me sane, and I need that in my life.  Can't wait to see you guys!


  1. I find that just writing notes or blurbs of possibilities can be just as rewarding as continuing chapters. Even if you don't continue your story, you may come up with other matters.

  1. That's true! Every little bit counts. Gotta keep that in mind the next time I take a moment to write a bit.

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