Busy Everywhere but My Blog...

And my book.  I'll admit I've only written a few scant paragraphs over the recent weeks but it's been a busy time.  Not making excuses, but I think the weather is to blame.  We've been facing 90+ degree weather in Wisconsin (yes, Wisconsin.  It does get hot here I hate to admit) and trying to keep my family cool has been difficult.  Two window AC's and a box fan can only do so much in a stucco house.  If the nights are cooler I'll be more apt to write in my book!
House projects have also occupied my time and priorities.  We recently cleaned out my garage to the point where i have a usable work bench again!  That and our two cars don't feel as cramped in the 2 1/2 car garage (there really was THAT much stuff).  By the by, does anyone want a 1983 Kawasaki Spectre?  Message me if interested ;).  That's all for now.  If I plug away at my book a little each night I should be able to write my heroes out of the 1940s and into the future!


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