I Can't Believe I Haven't Been on Here-well, yeah...

So much to say!

1. My son's b-day was on October 4th and he had a blast! YMCA is good for parties, that's for sure. My wife celebrates her 28th b-day today and is getting her first tattoo! Wowee! And I've been told that I'll be getting one someday too. Going to go with the Sierra On-Line logo ;).
2. An agency, WordWise Media, is checking out my manuscript! It's a foot in the door, but they could still lop my foot off if they don't want to represent me. And here I hold my breath...*faint, collapse, wake up dazed a few moments later*. Well, I think I'll just keep waiting.
3. Noah started school end of August and has bloomed in so many ways. Still I wish they'd keep him for 5 days a week vs. 3. He's really taken off with it and loves it. I couldn't be a prouder parent.

That's all for now, but I have to discipline myself to keep writing...maybe I will get that first page done...


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