A Writer's Group? Here!? In La Crosse? I'm in!

Hello all, or one, maybe. Depending on how many folks are interested in this. I've been on a Blogger hiatus for a while and for good reason. I have family to love and take care of, plus I'm still waiting on my potential future literary agency to get back to me on my book. Which brings me to a new development: I've joined a group.
It's the La Crosse Area Writer's Group; not some sort of self-help group, but they do help in a way. I found them via the site Meet Up, which will help find groups that share similar interests in your area. Even though over 100 writers have joined, only about 12 showed up on Thursday in a cramped room in the Gundersen Lutheran basement. It was hosted by two folks: Larry and Roshan. They kept the atmosphere alive and well as each volunteer read his/her work. I was nervous as all get-out when reading my piece, but it was enjoyed and I received some valuable feedback. I plan to go again in 2 weeks with more to read. Next Thursday, however, is set aside for another group I found that plays strategy board games at River City Hobbies. Joy! Until next time folks!


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