So Much to Do...Or Is There?

I have been so neglectful of this blog; this virtual journal of mine. I meant for it to be a progress report on my life so I can let all who read this know just how I'm doing. If I were to grade myself appropriately I'd probably be averaging a B-. But there's always those extra credit assignments.

I have books to write, agents to nag with query letters, and so on.

But I have a higher commitment, or responsibility that I wholeheartedly take on: raising a family. My loving wife and two boys (and dog and now a gecko) are all that I need. My lifelong goal is to try and give them everything that would make them happy. Every time I come home from work and hear the boys' elated screams of joy my heart is warmed. God bless them; I'm truly happy with life!

I know we're doing fine now, but my subconscious pokes its head out of the water of the conscious waves in my mind and says, 'Hey, why not do this for a while?' and then swims away before I can retort. One of those recurring nagging thoughts is about writing. So far, I've loved what I've worked on. I've even submitted an entry to Writer's Digest for their annual writing contest. I have a completed manuscript I have to do a full edit on, plus I'm 7000+ words in on a different tale I've wanted to tell for a while now. It is something I would consider as a full-time career should God send that option my way. I have a Rolodex in my mind with stories that I want to put to paper - and I think a few people out there would enjoy reading them.

 For now, I whittle away at one story when I have a few minutes to spare, and I admire my work thus far. Other nights I'm lost surfing the Net or playing on my 3DS. Here's hoping I can keep blogging away for motivation and fun!


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