Did I Say a Chapter a Week? What I Meant Was...

     A chapter a week IF I was healthy.  Yes, that's it.  It's not that I don't want to write, but it's honestly hard to focus when so much keeps happening.  First off, I went to a work conference last week in Florida.  What's there to complain about, you say?  Not much (well, see my previous blog entry) other than some barotrauma from the flight there and back.  As of this evening I'm still suffering from an ear infection (Amoxicillin to the rescue)!
     My sister-in-law also just had her baby girl yesterday morning!  Elaine Grace Langston.  8 lbs something ounces (I forgot, maybe 2 or 6 oz).  Anywho, I'm super excited to have a niece finally!
     We also adopted an 8 week old puppy on Saturday named Daisy.  She's an American Staffordshire Terrier and she's definitely my girl.  Nothing cuter than having this little twelve pound pup curl up in your lap and snore away.  SO, with all this going on I plan to write again by this weekend, but I really want to overcome the ear infection first.  Then again, with the time/energy spent writing this entry I could have gotten a chunk of my book done.  Don't look too much into that.  Goodnight all!


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