Change Is Good, Right? RIGHT!?

My wife and I are very much introverts, so in terms of how life is now, we're mostly content. Change is something we both get paranoid about or just worry about in general.


Maybe not THAT paranoid, but you can't go wrong with a Simpsons GIF.
Recently, our biggest change is that we plan to move in the next few months. Without going into detail we just have some variables that have made things a bit tougher with, well, getting by. We'll be moving to the basement apartment of my father-in-law's home. Now before you give me grief about moving in with parents, this isn't that scenario at all.
It's a part of his home, but its own separate living space. It's not like we'll be able to waltz on in like neighbors seem to do in every sitcom since the 50's because locks are just there for looks.

Good luck getting through that!
We see this as a huge blessing. We can revisit things in terms of finances, health, etc. That and it's been cleansing to start de-cluttering our stuff.
SO, with that in mind we need to fix up our home in a couple months, put it on the market, and get moving (literally)! Easier said than done, for many of the projects are sitting at 85% completion and almost every room in the house has something to work on.

This hasn't happened yet, but if it does it'll happen to me.
We've already made progress in our bathroom and will move out to the kitchen and go from there. Nearly every weekend will be chock-full of DIY goodness. Big thanks to my dad and Mandy's dad for their help thus far!
So if anyone out there is interested in a home built before things like indoor plumbing and electricity were a thing let me know! Obviously we've made some updates, but this is a great first home for young families. It's in a quiet neighborhood so you'll have plenty of peace.
Oh, and we have a kitty! This is 6-week-old Pixel. She came into our lives on Sunday and is getting acclimated to our fam. :)

Until next time,

Stay Weird,
Stay Retro,
Stay Silly!


***Today's song is 'The Elves' from King's Quest V (one of my all-time favorite PC games). Go check out the rest of the soundtrack uploaded by YouTuber SierraOnLineMusic! I chose this song because in the game you see the Elves are a hard-working group, and we can relate a bit. We're fixing up our home and I feel like we're working as hard as they! :)


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