How Ambitious Can I Be?

I am all over the place in terms of what I want to do with my life. I feel more indecisive now vs. when I was in grade school and wanted to be in these obscure job roles. For example:

Paleontologist (thanks to a specific dinosaur movie that had come out in the early 90's):

My reaction when I realized at age 7 I wouldn't be working with live dinosaurs.
Gemologist (not sure, but I blame Scrooge McDuck for this one):
I'll take my paycheck in gem-form please.
Detective: I watched A LOT of TV Land in grade school, and for some reason Dragnet had me hooked for some time. It was in 8th grade I thought I could be just as thick-skinned and smooth-talking as Joe Friday himself:
"So you think you can be like me, kid? There's more to being on the force than having a reliable partner and a slot on NBC. It takes determination, persistence, and the willingness to do anything for the good of the people. Kids these days lack all that, with your smart phones and social media leading you astray like deer on the highway. Let me tell you the hell I went through to get where I am today. When I first joined the force..." (You're lucky I cut off there. We'd have at least another 1/2 hour of content from this guy.)

I didn't pursue any of those careers. When I got to college I went from Computer Science (dreams of coding for video games were dashed after my first programming course) to Theater (the thing my dad said to keep as a hobby). I graduated with a B.S. (I know, normally a B.A. but with my courseload somehow it made sense) and hoped to do voice work.
I got married, worked for Sprint at a call center for a year or so, then a small software company where my uncle is the VP of marketing. Now I'm with a major manufacturing company working the internal help desk. See how things streamlined there?
I started this blog years ago to talk about a sci-fi novel I was writing, but now want to open it up to be about more things I enjoy and want to share with people. I hope to talk about retro games, action figures, things my family thinks is silly about me, etc. If all goes well I could have a topic of the day kind of thing. Mostly, it's going to be a way for me to keep writing when I'm not working on a story. Feel free to share this wherever you want. The end goal is to put something out there that people will enjoy. No politics or any issue that normally causes people to argue virtually over. So with that, I hope to get this going over the weekend. Thanks and happy Friday all!
 Who hasn't thought of this when looking forward to relaxing? That and that's what came up in my image search for 'goodbye'.


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