Two Things...

First off, I wanted to add a little something that anyone who likes old video games, or just music, will enjoy. I thought it might be fun to embed a music player in my blog, but my downfall was not starting this in the late 90's. It would seem such a task is outdated and has been replaced with either adding video players or paying to have one hosted on your site. Did I mention I'm a tad frugal?

That is nowhere near accurate for my frugality, but this is one of the images that came up when searching. I'll take the money bag, but I'm sure I wouldn't be let out of the house wearing THAT!

For your enjoyment, should you hit play, I embedded a YouTube video which is just really music from the old NES game, Metroid. Think of it as a mood-setter for this post. If you guys like this I'll keep it up, setting the tone with some fun music as you read my nonsense. Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Second, I added AdSense to my blog, so you will see an ad over on the right with each post. I was hoping for more customization in terms of what kinds of ads it would show, but you'll have to let me know if they work or are annoying. I don't expect to gain anything from this, but wanted to try it out.

The last thing I want to do is Spam people, so here's hoping my one ad per post is at least retro-related!

Not sure there's much else to tell, so let's end on a funny anecdote from today. My wife picked up our boys from daycare and my oldest (Noah, 5) was throwing a fit. He was tired from the perils of daycare and she thought maybe a nice drive up to my work would help him sleep a bit. I commented that was the equivalent to giving him a Snickers bar when he's cranky. We were thinking of the commercial where Betty White is playing football with a bunch of guys and is getting snippy.

SO...that means my son acts like Betty White when he's cranky. Must remember this for use later...
Let me know what you guys think!
Stay weird,
Stay retro,
Stay silly!
P.S. Also thanks to YouTube account GBelair for the music! So glad folks like this have made these songs from retro-yesteryear available for all. Click on the link for more songs. :)


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