Why I am Silly #1...

Don't hold back now...

I like to think we are all silly to a degree, but some just won't admit it. I mean, who doesn't think fart jokes are funny? Oh, okay. You. And you. Still, the majority's out on this one.

We all have quirks or habits that, to family and friends, are silly. I think it's only fair for me to uphold my blog's name by posting something that qualifies me as such (once in a while; no need to overdo it right away...) Here goes!

I enjoy puns. Not just any puns, but the dry and stale ones that get those eyes a-rollin'! It's hard to say how I got hooked on such great wordplay, but it's either genetic (because my dad does this too), or I picked it up at some random time during my childhood.

Gave up on using my iambic pentameter, did you?
Most recently, our Ford Escape encountered a random road nail. You know, those lovely hardware nails that have been exiled from whatever woodworking project they were bound for and left to wander the highways and byways. I had the misfortune of running over said nail, kind of like picking up a hitchhiker that ends up in a flat, and needed to get the tire repaired.
Yeah, I'm looking at you: Nail! No free rides!

If you know me, I am mechanically impaired. I'm about as knowledgeable as Mario trying to unclog a drain. Yes, he's labeled as a plumber, but do you see him working in the royal 'throne' room plunging the toilet? Look at his recent games and you'll see him hopping on Goombas and ditching Yoshi just to make it across  large gaps. Clearly he's found a new line of work that's more profitable. Okay, you'd have to go all the way back to the arcade version of Mario Bros. to see any real pipe-work (did I mention I love old video games?).

Since I need to level up my mechanic skills, I needed help from my awesome wife to get the tire removed without injury. Thanks to her picking up so much from her dad growing up (he knows a little about everything car-wise), we successfully removed said tire and made for the other car.

As we go, I make a pun.

"Let's get rollin'!" (As I roll the wheel down the sidewalk). I get a 'haha' in return.

"You 'tired' of me yet?"

"I'm 'tired' of your puns, mister." She retorts, smiling though.

I tend to push it, but apparently since we got married back in '08 I've been limited to one pun per day. It was in the vows and I can't confirm this with the pastor who married us. Still, when I'm out with friends the sky's the limit! Or until my friends ask me to leave.

And that is my first silly entry in this blog of mine. I hope you didn't roll your eyes so much they rolled right out of your head! Apologies to anyone reading who actually has a glass eye where that might actually happen.
I'm watching out for you.

I leave you with this: How punny are you?

Stay weird, stay retro, stay silly!



  1. I love puns! Have you seen the College Humor video "In defense of puns"? Cracks me up. http://youtu.be/Gtlm9sJFVEk

  1. I am watching that today! :)

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