This Silly Husband Loves Retro...

As the title states, I do indeed love the idea of 'Retro' things. That term has become more fluent for people in my age-group that are seeing ideas and products make some sort of comeback. For me, retro applies to old school video games, TV shows and the like. In the gaming world, you'll see retro-themed games released that play on the styles of older generations like the NES or even arcade games.

You get cool points if you've ever played this. That and I'll be jealous if you have because I have not, then take away those points. So...maybe just don't tell me.

A good example of this is Retro City Rampage, a game that embodies (and parodies) the Grand Theft Auto series but is played in good ole 8-bit style!

I also updated my template for this blog in hopes that everyone who checks this out will not only be able to read said text, but enjoy the retro theme I found.

I have been playing video games since I was 3 or so. The first computer game I remember playing was King's Quest on my dad's PC. Nothing like typing in commands frantically before the random witch or ogre got you!

Yep, somewhat similar in layout to what my Dad had. You can almost smell that good ole DOS prompt!

Switching to the console side of things, I was introduced at an even earlier age to the Atari 2600. This was back when my parents were living in their first apartment and I could barely crawl around on the floor!

And with the introduction to Space Invaders my obsession with video games had begun...thanks Mom!

Over the years my brother and I have amassed a collection of over 400 video games, 11+ systems, and pretty much lived like mole people. Who needs that sunshine anyway?

In our defense, we did get outside quite a bit and created some awesome memories. That and playing video games does help with hand-eye coordination and development. And playing DOOM helps you survive a Hell-On-Phobos scenario.

That's all I have for now! I hope you guys like, follow, and share my humble little blog. I plan on doing some sort of review/shout-out deal next.

Stay weird,
Stay retro,
Stay silly!



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